Guide to an Online Bartending Education

Guide to an Online Bartending Education

Bartending is a fun and rewarding job, but is highly competitive and can be a difficult to break into. Online certificates in bartending can help would-be bartenders get a job, or begin a career, as a certified bartender. Online programs can also help make good bartenders into especially savvy beverage gurus, promoting a good time, patron safety, and a great environment.

How Online Bartending Programs Work

Online bartending programs have to contend with the problem of teaching a hands-on occupation through abstract methods. The best way to do that is to reinforce ideas through all the multimedia options the Internet has to offer.

“Ours is an interactive computer course, it is not video-based, because that's such a hard way to learn the trade,” said Rob Graham, President of the Professional Bartending School. “The student uses interactive tools to mix drinks, and we offer mixing kits for at-home practice.”

Other tools that are used by the Professional Bartending School and other online bartending certification programs include: Internet audio/video, flash cards, manuals, recipe books, and tests that allow students to learn from their mistakes rather than be punished for them. Also, most programs allow students to take on additional training in “bottle spinning” or other barroom entertainment.

Online Bartending Schools

The Professional Bartending School is the parent company of the Professional Server Certification Corporation, which offers licensed online hospitality training in responsible serving, wine knowledge, and liquor knowledge.

Such programs are of great benefit to bartenders, servers, and the businesses in which they work, said David J. Craver, President of the National Bartenders Association.

“Product education is part of the worthwhile bartending education. Alcohol awareness teaches bartenders the pros and cons of the product they sell and encourages them to know who they're selling to.”

Certification for bartenders and beverage servers also encourages safer surroundings.

“Not only do certificates help establishments with liability insurance, the education also helps keep patrons safe,” said Craver. “A bartender might learn better when to ask a patron for his car keys, if he has any friends around to help, or recommend coffee, a soft drink, or water. This also helps to maintain the bar's atmosphere.”

Some schools and programs offered for bartenders include:

Certificate-granting programs for bartenders

Other programs for bartender and server education

Program Costs

“One of the big advantages of online bartender training is that it's very reasonably priced. You definitely get your money's worth,” said Graham.

The Professional Bartending School's price is a one-time fee of $49, and includes all the necessary components for a student to become a certified bartender. Extra commodities, such as the mixing kit (fun and learning all in one), are available for a modest additional fee. Most online bartending certification programs' prices hover around the $50 range. For the very minimal cost, the potential payout of a great bartending job makes the choice to become certified a great decision.


Assistance programs are available from most bartender certification schools to help graduates with job placement. But there is always a demand for qualified bartenders, and it's an excellent job and can have a good outlook as a career.

“A lot of bartenders move into an ownership role, into bar management eventually. Otherwise, it's a great job for younger people or college students, said Graham.”


Bartender certification is a great idea for anyone looking for a good way into lucrative and enjoyable bartending jobs. Now, through an online bartending certification program, students can enjoy a great job and decide whether to pursue it as a career.

“It's a fun job and you make good money starting out,” said Graham. “Plus it's always a good option to have if you need to make a little extra cash.”

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